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The Round Table

Post by Hedgebound Heart on Tue Feb 20, 2018 4:08 pm

The Round Table is a forum for players to discuss their ideas and ask questions. All players are encouraged to start topics in the Round Table, but please make an effort to read previous posts and start new topics in the appropriate forum.

Our Forum: Site Rules, Custom Content, and Game Mechanics are all appropriate topics in this forum. Do you have a general question about lines and veils or a suggestion for a house rule? This is the place! Things that pertain to the site as a whole, or the basic rules of Changeling: The Lost belong here. If your question is venue specific see below.

Your Chronicles: This is where Storytellers will explain venue details, make announcements, and discuss setting information. Feel free to ask questions about a setting, or start a discussion about a current scene, but please keep your hands out of the metagaming cookie jar! If you're wondering what will happen if your character does a certain thing... there's really only one way to find out!

Actors Studio: Are you interested in help with your character concept, or in need of suggestions for how to craft some hedgespun bling? You came to the right place. You can discuss general concepts here, but please don't overshare details that other players should be learning IC. This is also a good spot for discussions about role playing in general, as well as expressing interest in joining a motley, court, or entitlement.

Junk Drawer: Are you still not sure where to post, or just have a random thought to share? That's why we have a junk drawer... just please no posts about other sites. The only clad iron rule for these topics is that no one will discuss other role playing sites. We don't care if your opinions are good or bad, this just isn't the place. Leave that drama elsewhere. We don't want it here.
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