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The Chronicles

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The Chronicles

Post by Hedgebound Heart on Wed May 30, 2018 10:57 pm

Each chronicle is a separate venue with unique characters in a different setting. Players are allowed to have one character per chronicle, and character crossover between venues is discouraged. Although each venue is within a shared world, the ST of a particular venue will run a self-contained chronicle in that setting with it's own unique flavor. Preferred posting rates, custom rules or content, and any restricted material will be clearly listed in the description of each venue. Some venues might require a 48 hour posting rate, while others may be more lax. One ST could have a strict "Rules As Written" policy, while another wants as much custom content as possible. However, each venue should definitely have a list of unambiguous lines and veils for all restricted topics. These policies are in place so that everyone has the same expectations for each chronicle and players can find a venue that works best for them. Players are allowed to have a maximum of one character in each venue. Keep in mind that the final approval of any character is always at the discretion of the individual ST, who may limit participation in their venue however they see fit. These chronicles are built by writing a collection of scenes. Each scene takes place in one location and there are three different ways to participate in the scenes of a chronicle:

Legends are plot-based stories that link connected chapters to tell a specific tale from beginning to end.  All legends are started by the venue ST and usually have a public announcement in The Round Table. However, participation in a legend is at the discretion of the venue ST. Player participation and posting content is usually a deciding factor. Most of these story arcs will consist of three to five chapters. Each chapter is made up of no more than three linked scenes, but is most often just a single scene. These story lines can evolve into multi-arc freehold legends that are considered common knowledge to all but the newest members. All players that sign up for  a legend are expected to post regularly and see it through until its conclusion. Please be realistic about your availability and commitment before signing up for a legend, otherwise your character may become known as a legendary quitter. Each character may participate in one legend scene at a time.

Tales are the default scenes for each venue and players are typically expected to start their own tales. These are public scenes between at least two characters in the established setting of the venue. These stories represent just a random day in the freehold and anyone can join, as long as they are not currently in another tale. Please keep in mind that "private" scenes do not occur here, and if you need to change locations, you should just close the scene and start a new one. The public Freehold Notices are also located here, to provide announcements and classifieds that are readable to anyone who can see past the Mask.  Keep that in mind. Big Brother is always watching. Your character can only post in one tale at a time.

Fables are private scenes, dreams, or memories which explore your characters and provide a glimpse into their relationships, histories, and motivations. Fables do not usually require ST oversight or dice rolling, but your ST may step in if required. As always, when in doubt... just ask. Characters will also use this forum to record texts, phone calls, emails, and other private communications. Characters can be in as many fable scenes as they like, just don't go crazy. Seriously. Let's keep it fun for everyone.
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