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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Post by Hedgebound Heart on Wed May 30, 2018 10:38 pm

Q: What is all this?
This is a play-by-post site for Second Edition(2E) Changeling: The Lost(CTL). Unless otherwise noted, we use the table top Rules As Written(RAW) for Chronicles of Darkness(CoD) and the 2E CTL Kickstarter preview. We do not specifically use the rules from any other books, or support characters from other splats. This means that any vampires, werewolves, or mages that you encounter in the game may or may not use any of the rules from those splat books. A lot of rules are completely at the discretion of the Storyteller(ST), so metagamers beware!

Q: What's a metagamer?
Someone who uses information in the game that is not realistically available to their character. Sometimes this is accidental, but usually it's just plain cheating.

Q: What if I really wanna play a Vampire/Werewolf/Mage/Promethean/Sin Eater/Beast/Demon/Hunter/Exalted/Ghoul/Wolf Blooded/Sleepwalker/etc...?
I'm afraid you're in the wrong place. There are plenty of other sites for that. This site is for Changeling: The Lost. Feel free to create a changeling inspired by one of these other splats, but please keep in mind that it is still a changeling and you will need to use existing CTL RAW. We aren't going to create a whole bunch of new House Rules just so you can play this "unique" character on our site.

Q: How old do I have to be to play?

Q: Is adult content allowed?
Sure... within reason. This is a game about horror and we're all adults, just don't break any laws or be overly gratuitous. If this site was a film, it might be "Rated R", but definitely not "X Rated". Profanity is allowed. Descriptions of gore and violence are okay. Non-explicit sexual situations are alright. That being said, make sure to check each venue's description for it's lines and veils. At the end of the day, if anyone has a legitimate complaint, the offending content will probably just be edited or deleted. When in doubt, please simply ask before posting.

Q: What are lines and veils?
Lines are topics that are completely forbidden by a venue's  ST. They will not even to be mentioned in passing by players in that venue. Veils are things that can happen but are not explicitly described. Typically, when things would get graphic, there is a "fade to black". STs are completely within their rights to ban players from their venue for ignoring any clearly stated lines and veils.

Q: How many characters can I play?
Players can have a maximum of one character in each venue, with that ST's approval.

Q: How do I become the ST of my own venue?
You need to outline your venue and PM The Hedgebound Heart Admin about it.

Q: What's the normal pace of play?
Each venue has a clearly stated posting rate. This is an expectation, however we all realize that Life Happens. Players are expected to post an announcement if they know they will be AFK, just to give their ST and fellow players a heads up.

Q: What's AFK mean?
Away From Keyboard. Are you going on vacation? Do you have exams next week, or a killer project at work? Feeling drained and just not very creative? It happens to everyone. Just post an AFK so no one is waiting on you to respond. However, if you need an extended absence, you should communicate this to your ST and exit your character from all scenes in a plausible manner. When in doubt, simply ask.

Q: Can I play First Edition here?

Q: Will you teach me how to play this game?
Nope. Read the books.

Q: What if I've read the books, but never actually played with the CoD rules before?
That's cool. We don't mind answering questions as long as you have a fundamental understanding of the core material. We should be able to answer most questions by referencing a rule or relevant page number rather than reciting whole pages of text. Just as a reminder, we will not be posting or sharing any copyrighted material on this site.

Q: Do I get bonus XP at character creation?
Maybe. Check the rules of the venue you wish to join. It's always up to the individual ST. But honestly... do you really need a participation award?

Q: How much XP will I earn during play?
Mostly depends on your role playing. Beats are awarded during scenes and XP is tallied at the end of each scene or chapter. Players may only spend XP with ST approval.

Q: Where can I talk about my character concept?
In the Actors Studio. You'll find it in The Round Table forum. However, please resist over-sharing. My experience has been that players who share everything about their characters right off the bat quickly lose steam once the creation process is over. Keep a little mystery so the romance doesn't die.

Q: Do we use Social Maneuvering and Investigation Systems?
Only for significant encounters. Social Maneuvers can be used on other PCs, but player consent and established character history will always affect the outcome.

Q: Can I build equipment or craft other stuff?
The Jury Rigging rules are used IC in the Legends and Tales forums, but the full Equipment Building rules will be used in the Fables forum if the ST rules it necessary for dice to be rolled. If you have 3+ dots in the relevant skill, you can probably just narrate ordinary equipment building. However, dice rolls are always required for any exceptional gear(including hedgespun tokens).

Q: Where can I post my opinions about other play-by-post sites?
Anywhere but here. Seriously. Keep it to yourself. This means no good or bad opinions should ever be posted about any other sites.
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